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St. Paul Skyline

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Our products are made from 100% wood. The base is cut from sycamore for its hard and sturdy characteristics. The top layer is cut from basswood for its light color and ability to cut intricate details. The frame is cut from pine for its lighter weight and natural grain.

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Boundary Wood Art Dimensions

Care Instructions

Wood artwork should be kept in areas where temperatures range from 40-80 degrees F. This will prevent would from warping. Feel free to use and typical wood oil to enhance grain.

The skyline of St. Paul, Minnesota is a breathtaking sight to behold. It is filled with stunning architecture and historic buildings that are unique and full of character. The State Capitol stands proudly at the center, surrounded by graceful churches and ornate townhouses. On the left, the Cathedral of St. Paul towers over the city, its spires reaching up towards the sky. To the right, the Landmark Center stands strong, its red brick facade providing a striking contrast to the sky's azure hue.

The sky is dotted with skyscrapers, their glass facades sparkling in the sun. The Wells Fargo Center is one of the tallest, its modern structure an impressive contribution to the skyline. Nearby, the iconic First National Bank Building stands tall, its red "1st" logo blinking and can be seen from miles away.

The skyline of St. Paul is a sight to behold. Its unique buildings and stunning architecture create a beautiful skyline that is sure to take your breath away.